The Nikken Wellness Home supports good health by maintaining balance in the major aspects of living: Performance, Rejuvenation, Environment, and Lifestyle.

The LifeLine Technique mirrors this fondation by looking at the aspects through the lens of the
Five Basics for Optimal Health: Water, Food, Rest, Exercise, and Own Your Power.



1. Water = Environment:

Your body is composed of 75% water, so it's no wonder that water is the essential component to optimal health. It keeps your "internal stream" flowing, making it harder for harmful organisms and disease to take root.

NIKKEN-Air-PurifierDrinking plenty of clean, high quality water is a critical way to nourish nearly every function in your body. The best water filter I've found is Nikken's Pi Mag Water System!

Your indoor air quality is a key aspect of your environment and the KenkoAir Purifier includes multiple filter stages, with an ultra low penetration air filter. ULPA technology is a breakthrough in air filtration — significantly more effective than a HEPA filter, the longtime standard for hospital operating rooms, microassembly clean rooms and nuclear laboratories. No other air filtration system matches this level of performance.  


Kenzen™ Wellness-Organic Based Nutrition2. Food = Lifestyle:

Food is our connection to nature.
When it is whole and natural, it contains the balance and life force that keeps us healthy and strong.

kenzen-pet-joint-plusThe Nikken Kenzen Wellness-Organic Based Nutrition is all natural, balanced nutrition.

The Kenzen Core System nutrition represents the foundation of your nutritional program, and contains the elements you require to help ensure you are meeting your daily nutritional needs.*

Kenzen® Pet Joint Plus supports both joint health and immunity, to help your pet enjoy a long and healthy life.

Petsdepend on good health as much as you do. Nikken recognizes this, and offers an all-natural 14 mushroom blend in the Kenzen® Pet Joint Plus that includes specially-developed, organically grown and laboratory-refined strains that are not available in other mushroom products. This is combined with a formulation that features a concentrated amount of cetyl myristoleate for bone and joint health.


Nikken Kenko™ Sleep System3. Rest = Rejuvenation:

There's a direct link between the quality of your sleep and the quality of your health, and how well you rest is directly related to the quality of your water, food, exercise, and owning your power.

Relaxation, posture and lifestyle changes to reduce stress and put you into parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) mode can help you heal.

Our favorite way to get refreshing sleep is with the Nikken Kenko Sleep System!

Pets can enjoy the same Far-Infrared Technology used in the construction of KenkoTherm® Comforters, the Kenko™ PetPad provides your pet with the breathable warmth of ceramic reflective fibers.

Combined with Advanced Magnetic Technology that features specially placed magnets, the Kenko™ PetPad is the ultimate in sleep and comfort technology for your pet, and it's completely machine washable.

kenkoseat-2The KenkoSeat II has patent-pending SpyderRAM technology that creates a series of overlapping magnetic fields. Magnets are held in a silicone matrix that can flex and reshape itself to conform to any surface it contacts. KenkoSeat II features a pure, 100% natural latex core, with an open-cell structure that provides a natural venting system, resists heat and moisture buildup.

The durable, longwearing nylon cover is ventilated for breathability and comfort in any climate, and dual security straps are designed to attach the KenkoSeat II to practically any chair in seconds.



  nikken-kenkotherm-ankle4. Exercise = Performance:

Shift your focus from exercising only for weight loss or weight maintenance to exercising for health and fitness.

Exercising moves your body and your spirit. It boosts your energy and your moods. It strengthens your body.

The Nikken KenkoTherm® Support Solutions were developed to support all the important parts of your body.

powerband-neck 6The Nikken PowerBand™ has TriPhase® Technology — a Nikken innovation that combines magnetic components with far-infrared energy and negative ions. Nikken Kenko™ Magnetic Technology employs a spaced array of magnets inspired by Earth’s magnetic field.

Nikken Far-Infrared Technology reflects energy in the far-infrared portion of the spectrum, for a gentle warming effect. Negative-Ion Technology releases the type of negative ions that are present in natural settings such as forests or near waterfalls, and provides a tranquil, relaxed feeling.

The Kenko PowerBand™ has a composite core of tourmaline and silicone that is soft and comfortable yet holds up to wear. The unique clasp that unites each PowerBand™ also allows you to connect them in multiples, to create a wristband, necklace or belt of any length.



Nikken Wellness Home Initiative5. Own Your Power = Performance, Rejuvenation, Environment, and Lifestyle:

DrDW-PowerOfILGcoverLife DOES have many challenges, but it's important to remember that you weren't put on this magnificent planet to suffer. You're here to learn and awaken to the infinite potential that exists within you.

One of the best ways to reinforce your learning about the Five Basics for Optimal Health is to teach others about the Nikken products you use, and the The Nikken Wellness Home Initiative.

Just by referring others to Nikken you can create a passive stream of income. Because people love Nikken products, they will not be able to stop from telling their friends and family about these great new products that you told them about!

To learn more about the Five Basics for Optimal Health, read Dr. Weissman's book: The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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