When I identify myself as an Animal Communicator, many people think of the "dog whisperer" who works with behaviors, or the "pet psychic" who has been born with an extra-sensory gift. I was not aware of any enhanced intuition, and my own knowledge of animal behavior was learned in school or by observation of my own animals. Until I contacted an Animal Communicator as a client years ago, I had been unaware that this was a skill that could be taught.

I entered college as a Spanish and Portuguese major, and somehow graduated with a biology degree, intending to find a place in the expanding field of research with dolphins or primates and language. Of course, the protocols were all designed around human language, and our understanding of how many words a particular species could "understand" was limited by our own preconceptions. Perhaps the foundation for my current work was established in those years, but I certainly never expected to become an Animal Communicator.

Clients usually want to know how it "works" and this is impossible to explain at our current level of understanding. We do know that most human communication occurs through tone of voice, body language, and sometimes a "feeling" or internal sense – only about seven percent of any message depends on the words we use. What we know of "animal behavior" is believed to be instinctual, and we assume (wrongly) that animals and plants do not have the same consciousness that we do.

Scientific understanding is evolving so quickly that what I learned about the structure of cells thirty years ago is now obsolete. Physicists are discussing universes and multiverses in terms of eleven to fourteen dimensions – ideas the human brain cannot grasp. Biologists study cellular consciousness and the connection of mind, body, and spirit. Gradually, we are realizing that all of life is connected, and communication occurs on many levels. It would be arrogant to assume that what actually occurs is limited to what can be explained in terms of our current scientific understanding.

If you have looked into the eyes of an animal living with your family, and felt that you "knew" what he or she wanted or felt, you were communicating. What I do is simply to engage in a more deliberate connection and allow the animal to express thoughts and feelings in an environment of trust. This is a "heart" connection, and communicators experience the messages in different ways. Some receive pictures or video, some feel sensations or pain in their own bodies, and some hear words and voice quality.

I follow a code of ethics that ensures my respect for the animal first, the human companion second, and I serve the needs of both to create understanding. I am simply the messenger, not a judge or a guarantor of either behavioral or physical change. Animal Communication is simply the removal of barriers and preconceptions, so that the animal is free to express what are often very sophisticated ideas. We can learn a great deal from opening our hearts and minds to these beings who share our planet, and I am confident that eventually our scientists will identify the mechanics of "how it works" to the satisfaction of the most hardened skeptic. For now, the opportunity to help different species understand each other and live together more easily is sufficient, even if I cannot explain how it works. Nearly always, the messages will carry the ring of truth for the people who receive the transcripts.

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