Aromatherapy – Young Living Essential Oils

Taking Essential Oils into Every Home in the World

At the heart of Young Living Essential Oil's mission is a responsibility to inspire change.

We honor our stewardship to champion nature's living energy—essential oils—by fostering a community of healing and discovery, while inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose, and abundance.

Young Living originated from nature's healing power.

Young Living exists because our products work.

Young Living succeeds by providing real wellness solutions, not side effects.

Young Living thrives because it rewards you for doing the most natural thing in the world: sharing.

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Chakra Therapy System

In our health care practice our main goal was to educate people to know that it takes more than a pill to heal.

We taught techniques to take control of your energy and move the body into health. It has always been easy for me to see the energetic world and a challenge to comprehend the solid world.

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Some people have asked what is a GODpillow?

Well the answer is simple, it is BOTH a prayer kneeler and a meditation bench.

Whether kneeling in prayer, or sitting in meditation, your GODpillow is a Spiritual Tool that...

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The LifeLine Technique® Resources

These are some of the many sources that are part of the spark for the development of The LifeLine Technique® or are part of the science that underlies and is the reason that it is so effective!

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PureBalance Whole Food Nutrition and Botanical Remedies

PureBalance is a wonderful company out of Northbrook, IL created by Dr. Tom Bayne, who is also a Certified LifeLine Practitioner and Dr. Ingrid Maes who are a husband and wife team on a mission to bring the highest quality natural health care to you and your family. Their passion for a pure, effective healing system led to the creation of PureBalance.

Their company, PureBalance, has amazing products that not only support LifeLine sessions, but also support a healthy digestive tract.

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