How does animal communication work?
It sometimes requires a leap of faith to accept the fact that animals communicate clearly without the need to rely on written and spoken language. The method I use begins with focusing on a photograph of my animal client and establishing a heart-to-heart connection while sitting with my computer. I always obtain the animal's permission to communicate, then ask the questions the human client has provided. Once the animal begins to answer, I simply type what I receive, occasionally asking for clarification, and making notations when I receive physical sensations, images, voice quality, or metaphors.

As a biologist, I know that science is often unable to explain phenomena that are clearly occurring. I believe that in the near future, we will have an explanation for the particular mechanism by which this process works.

What if the animal is no longer living in a physical body?
I have connected with many animals who are now living in spirit, even if it has been years since they were physically present. They often share their jobs and whether they are considering returning to a physical body again. They may have instructions or advice for their people, and convey the ways in which they are continuing to reach out to their human companions.

Will I receive solutions to behavior issues or recommendations for medical treatments?
Animals exercise their power to choose just as humans do. They may not understand the exact reasons for their behaviors, but they will provide whatever information they can when asked. They may or may not choose to alter their behaviors, even when there are consequences clearly described to them.

Physical symptoms are not diagnosed during a session, and if asked, animals may choose not to have medical treatment or even choose to die. They have definite opinions regarding the timing and method of their passing from the physical life, and are grateful to participate in the decisions. This often reduces the burden of guilt carried by human clients who are struggling to decide whether extraordinary measures are required.

Do all animals communicate?
All life forms are able to communicate, including animals, plants, and spirit forms we are not usually aware of in our environment. Even so-called "inanimate" forms such as rocks are connected energetically to living things. The atoms in "solid" objects are still vibrating, but at a much slower rate or frequency than living things.

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