In our health care practice our main goal was to educate people to know that it takes more than a pill to heal.

We taught techniques to take control of your energy and move the body into health. It has always been easy for me to see the energetic world and a challenge to comprehend the solid world.

After selling our health care practice, Patrick and I asked for a tool that would empower and demonstrate the ability to self-heal.  The Celestials and Devic energies wanted a tool that would also bring us into our true purpose, to be the rainbow bridge that spans from heaven into the earth we reside upon.

Our primary focus has always been to help people help themselves.

Original Chakra Therapy SystemThe The Chakra Therapy System was given to Patrick and I in 1993 as our new service to humankind. I would listen carefully to their instructions, writing down every detail, including the configuration of twelve chakras within a seven-chakra system built into the energy matrix system inside of the wooden box. The details of the matrix field started out as a single, simple configuration built into an oak box.

Each chakra oil is comprised of several essential oils that are mixed in a certain sequence and time frame. I would make the oils and go through a process of fine-tuning the formulas. There were many sessions with our instructors until finally we were given the approval for the first Chakra Therapy System.

Chakra Therapy SystemAs the consciousness of humanity increased the Celestials would ask us to make changes.  The 2003 round system was upgraded with two energy systems, the original matrix in the bottom of the box and an additional frequency coil in the top.  This change created a perpetual energy field that broadcasted into the space where the chakra therapy system was, creating a harmonious space.  It also doubled the energy field, making it more powerful and giving faster results. 

The Celestials and Devas then asked us to instruct people to clear their internal organs and structural systems after their chakras were open to promote health.  This breaks up any energy blocks and restores energy that has been disrupted.  Patrick continued to get creative in the design of the wooden box and the oils went through several upgrades, keeping up with the increase in collective consciousness.

Chakra Therapy System stylesThis is now our twentieth year as the stewards of the The Chakra Therapy System and we still get winks and smiles from the Celestials and Devas, and we still love our service to humankind. The matrix and frequency fields are now twice as large as the 2003 round design, tripling the vibration and bringing it into a fuller, more resonate harmony with the earth. 

This increased the magnitude of the perceptual energy field and its broadcasting ability, but most of all it will also help to develop the new additional five chakras that we all now have, rapidly. Chakra Therapy Systems can be found all over the world and one of the most fulfilling parts of this service is hearing how The Chakra Therapy System has helped others.

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