A balance between open-minded acceptance and skepticism is healthy and appropriate, and I welcome questions about the services and products available through my website. One of the most common concerns prospective clients have is how to evaluate the potential benefits they will receive in exchange for their investment of time and money.

Energy work has existed for thousands of years, but has not yet been explained in scientific terminology. Traditional experimental frameworks and protocols required to prove a hypothesis within the scientific community have not been effectively used to demonstrate how animal communication works, or to quantify the effects of systems such as The LifeLine Technique®.

Also, the use of pharmaceutical drugs and traditional medical treatment practices has become the standard, and the health practices used over centuries in many cultures are, interestingly, labeled “alternative”, as though they have no historical track record.

For those who believe, no proof is necessary.
For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.
~Stuart Chase

Fortunately, scientists such as cellular biologists and quantum physicists are actively searching for the mechanism behind cellular consciousness, reinterpreting the nature versus nurture issue as it relates to DNA reprogramming, and discovering the physical locations of emotions within living structures. While human sensory systems cannot perceive the dozen or more dimensions, physicists posit their existence, and the cloaking devices under development will enable us to make invisibility possible. Explanations will continue to become available for phenomena that we currently accept only on faith or experience.

We accept the validity of many things we cannot explain, such as how the picture comes through our television, or the feeling that someone who has died has been in the same room with us. I am not concerned with the issue of making anyone believe that animal communication is “real”, because it exists whether or not you believe in it.

I know that the messages from the animals are real when I record them without thinking consciously about the words, and I recognize that the animal’s language choices and structure are vastly different from my own. The information resonates with my human clients. They know that the animals are conveying sincere messages, and the animals are grateful to be heard.

I know that LifeLine sessions are effective because I have experienced the results from sessions with other practitioners, on myself, and with clients. Each session includes a “before and after” comparison, and clients report that they notice continuing effects over time when they use the system on a regular basis.

I know that the Young Living, Pure Botanicals, and other products on my website are beneficial because I use them and my clients have found them to be of value. I am always interested in the scientific foundation, but that does not limit the benefits of what I make available to others.

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