Some people have asked what is a GODpillow?

Well the answer is simple, it is BOTH a prayer kneeler and a meditation bench.

Whether kneeling in prayer, or sitting in meditation, your GODpillow is a Spiritual Tool that...

  • Inspires daily devotion
  • Supports a relationship with God
  • Promotes a discipline of surrendering
  • Aids in willingness - humility
  • Creates experience in prayer & meditation
  • Provides time of stillness
  • Is portable, comfortable & reliable

The Inspirational GODpillow is a throw pillow with embroidered messages- which evolved for those who do not, or will not kneel in prayer or sit in meditation.

For me the pillow is a mental door opener - it allows one to order to read it..who knows where that intention will lead...maybe a prayer or a moment of contemplation.

The GODpillow online store also has a selection of Salt Lamps, Tibetan Bells, and Meditation Music to inhance your meditaions.

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