About Denise

About Denise Norberg-Johnson

Denise Norberg-Johnson

Denise Norberg-Johnson is an Animal Communicator and Reiki Master, who also works with animals and their people as a Certified LifeLine Practitioner.

As a former biology teacher, construction contractor, business trainer and financial writer, she has spent her life engaged in a continuous learning process. Denise's formal education includes an M.B.A., a Masters degree in Teaching, a B.A. in Biological Science, and an A.A. in Architectural Interior Design.

As an award winning speaker and author, she has been interviewed on television radio, and in print. She has written the book Defyning Moments – Lessons from an Ordinary Life, and dozens of articles, columns, and presentations for business and general interest publications.

Her blog, Animals Know! can be found on the Chicago Now blogging community site (www.ChicagoNow.com/animals-know), and she anticipates the publication of her book Animals Know! – What animals teach us about life, love, joy, forgiveness, and death, in early 2014.

When she is not reading voraciously, dancing as if no one is watching, or attempting to play her junior high school violin recital pieces, she amuses herself by annoying her husband and best friend Dave and their group of rescued cats, who provide an evolving laboratory for testing her newest theories and techniques.

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Professional Projects

I have always loved words and have had the good fortune to embrace the rules of grammar and usage easily from a young age.

Studying several languages in addition to my native English helped me understand how deeply the effectiveness of our communication depends on the culture in which our verbal and written language develops.

Reading Don Quixote in both English and the original Spanish, as well as translating poetry between the two languages, deepened this understanding.

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  • Animals Know!: Animal Communication, Aromatherapy/ Anointing, Chakra Balancing/ Emotional Release, Shelter/ Rescue Liaison, Transition/ Euthanasia Support

  • Defyning Moments: Akashic Records Readings, Aromatherapy/ Anointing, Chakra Balancing/ Emotional Release, Crystal Healing, The LifeLine Technique

  • Defy and Know Community: Special discounts, resources, and support for subscribers

  • Professional Author and Speaker: Publications, presentations, and education

For The Skeptics

A balance between open-minded acceptance and skepticism is healthy and appropriate, and I welcome questions about the services and products available through my website. One of the most common concerns prospective clients have is how to evaluate the potential benefits they will receive in exchange for their investment of time and money.

Energy work has existed for thousands of years, but has not yet been explained in scientific terminology. Traditional experimental frameworks and protocols required to prove a hypothesis within the scientific community have not been effectively used to demonstrate how animal communication works, or to quantify the effects of systems such as The LifeLine Technique®.

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You Can Change Your Life!

Defyning Moments, LLC offers a new path to optimal health and well-being for people and their animals.

Recreate your environment and your relationships, and allow your body to do what it was designed to do – heal, regenerate and become whole again.

Improve your relationships with your companion animals and provide them the support they need to live happier, healthier lives.